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Leaves Shadow

Rada Ovcharova, born in Sofia, Bulgaria is active as a chamber musician and recitalist with performances throughout the Netherlands and across Europe. 

 She is a founding member of the New European Ensemble, based in Holland, which has performed in nearly all of The Netherlands’ major concert halls and theatres as well as UK, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Spain, Lebanon, China and Hong Kong.


As much as she enjoys  performing, painting is something Rada practices more and more as an escape from the pressures of violin playing.

She finds many similarities in the creative processes  both in music and the visual arts but mostly enjoys the quiet solitude of painting.  


In  her  journey as a  painter  Rada  experimented in different  styles , from still life to the abstract.

 Lately, Rada has found inspiration in landscape painting  Dutch nature.The countryside in Holland is soft,  gentle,  hidden. It doesn't strike with a majestic allure, but  it  is a  constant  dance  of  contrasts -  light and  dark, concrete  and abstract,  mobile and still,  natural or manmade. 




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